Questions from readers: Professionalism

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Questions from readers: Origin, part 2

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Questions from readers: Origin, part 1

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Chalkboard drawings: The “random” edition

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I draw a picture of myself on my classroom’s chalkboard everyday. I collect those pictures as camera phone photos and post them on Sundays. See the rest here.


A somewhat random week here, with some ties to what I’m teaching right now, including my lessons on The Odyssey.

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thrifty special edition: gem city comic con 2014 finds!

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Every time I go to a comic convention, I devote some bloggin’ time to showing off what I got. At last week’s Gem City Comic Con, I splurged on so much stuff, I thought I’d split these posts up: one about my comic buys and one about the toys I picked up.

This was a GREAT con for me insofar as it allowed me to fill in a bunch of holes in my comics collection.

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Romeo & Juliet Projects, Part 2

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Continuing to share my students’ awesome Romeo and Juliet movie pitch projects. In brief, students in my classes are assigned a scene from the last half of R&J and asked to create a modern take on the material for moviegoing audiences.

One of the things I believe made this year such a successful one in regards to these projects is my taking a slightly different approach to mentoring. I asked students to think more this year about creating a believable “feud” dynamic than I ever have before. That work reflects itself in quite a few of these projects.




To wit, I received several “Marvel Comics vs. DC Comics” Romeo & Juliet pitches. I have to imagine the popularity of superhero movies lead students down this route, casting the R&J roles based personalities of the various hero characters. In both of these projects, independent of one another, the students cast Deadpool as Mercutio… which kind of fits, if you think about it.

(FYI, the Batman/Spider-Man poster is not meant to lead you to believe those two heroes are the Romeo and Juliet of that pitch… although that is something of an unintended consequence.)





Here’s another cool take using pre-existing characters: A Romeo & Juliet casting the major roles from the play around the eternal divide between Nintendo and Sega. I wasn’t even aware this particular feud was still going on, but I’ve been since assured it is. In this version, Sonic the Hedgehog woos Princess Peach.

More in upcoming weeks…

Questions from readers: Working well with others (colleagues)

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I hope this answer doesn’t seem like a dodge – I know my answer is basically “avoid all those people” and maybe that’s not entirely useful advice.


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