chalkboard photo post #1

…so I’m still committed to posting four comics a week, keeping in mind that I’m actually doing FIVE comics a week and saving a bunch for the print collection I’m planning. That being said, I wanted to start fitting in some more stuff from my classroom.

I draw a picture on my classroom’s chalkboard every day. I usually use the drawings as a way to direct the lesson for the day; kids always know when they walk in the room that they can look to the back of the room and see what the lesson for the day is. I usually couch that in a sentence like “By the time you walk out of this classroom today, you should know…” and then whatever the lesson for the day is.

Here are three random ones for the week. I wasn’t Johnny-on-the-Spot with remembering to take pictures of them all in the past few weeks, but I’ll endeavor to do a better job in upcoming months.




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