not teaching comics


I’m not posting comics on Fridays, but I’ll usually try to post something at the end of the week. This is a drawing I did in my sketchbook at a professional development last week; I liked it enough to ink and (badly) color it.

The pretty redhead is my wife Ellen and the kid between the two of us is my son Elliot. Ellen’s currently seven months pregnant with our second son; he’s due in November. The drawing’s a bit of a joke for Ellen… Elliot loves it when we go for walks and we swing him. We usually count “One, two…” and then swing him on “THREE!” but he has decided that he’s going to start counting using only “three” whenever we do that… ’cause, y’know, “three” is when the fun thing happens.

It’s a small regret of mine that I won’t be drawing many comics with Ellen and Elliot (and Baby #2) over the next year. They’ve been my primary source of material for the past few years and as weird as it is, I know that Ellen has a lot of fans out there among the people who have read my comics in years past… but I’m sure she and the kids will break in ever now and then.

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