day fourteen.


I’m often asked if I have a “tip jar” for the comic where readers might be able to contribute something to the strip. I don’t really have anything like that set up; I’ve passed my hat around a few times over the years but for the most part it makes me uncomfortable. I’m not a professional and I don’t expect people to think of me as such.

That being said, a unique opportunity has arisen for my classroom and, in the spirit of this undertaking, it feels right to put it out there.

DonorsChoose is a website that distributes money and resources to underfunded public schools via donations from everyday folks. The organization is currently running a campaign wherein they will release $100,000 dollars in donor money if they can get 5000 people to donate to individual teacher proposals. I currently have several projects waiting hopefully to be funded on the website including this one. Take a look if you have a moment:

High Interest Books for Low Level Readers

So here’s what I’m asking: If you’ve at all enjoyed the comic over the years and it’s within your means, please make a small donation. The contest specifies 5000 donations… but that number is in no way attached to the size of your donation. If a bunch of my readers donate a dollar or two, that will help take a huge step toward freeing up that $100,000 dollars. That money’s not going to the comic or to me, it’s going to kids who live in a really poor urban area of southern Ohio who need gateway books to capture their interest in reading.

Thanks in advance to anyone who thinks about making a donation. I think you can see that there are a lot of fun books on there that might be the first step in capturing a reluctant reader’s attention… comics galore!

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