thrift store finds: she-ra: princess of power paint-by-water

Our next-door neighbor is currently in the process of cleaning out his house. He’s taken a real shine to my son and every couple of days, he catches us outside and gives us some kind of toy or book he’s come across for Elliot to play with. A few weeks ago, he gave Elliot a bunch of Paint by Water books. I used to love these as a kid, but I haven’t seen them very much in recent years.

One of the fun things about these books is that they’re vintage 1980’s. Included in the collection are Disney’s The Fox and the Hound, Emmett Kelly (the sad creepy clown) and, much to my delight, She-Ra. Elliot and I painted a couple together when I was sick a few weeks ago.

Bow (who appears in both of these pictures) was sort of the Rhett Butler to She-Ra’s Scarlet O’Hara. I always thought his costume was unbelievable feminine, but I never knew that he shot arrows with HEART tips until we did these paintings together. Look at that. How unbelievably non-threatening! Especially when you consider that the OTHER side of a heart would make a perfect arrowtip! What was he thinking?!?!

3 Responses to “thrift store finds: she-ra: princess of power paint-by-water”

  1. I think I had that very same one!

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