day forty five.

I REALLY hate it when I see people who draw comics immediately follow their comic with some kind of commentary; I think it shows an overall lack of confidence in the actual comic strip itself. Just let it stand on its own, why not? That being said, I can’t resist mentioning that I really struggled with this one… and even now, I don’t know that I got it quite right. If I held onto it any longer though, I think I would crushed everything I even vaguely liked about the comic.

I also thought I’d mention the girl in this strip also appeared a few months ago and is (as always) a composite of several students I’ve had over the years. I hope that by the time a year of this comic closes out, there will be some familiar student faces, but so far I know that hasn’t happened yet. It’s something I’m working on.

3 Responses to “day forty five.”

  1. i normally hate commentary on comics too, but i think this worked. i think the comic itself being wordless probably helped.

  2. there are too many teachers in the world who simply don’t care. keep on keepin’ on.

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