chalkboard drawing photo post!

It won’t be reflected in the comic for a week or two, but we’re done with Animal Farm and moving on to “Romeo & Juliet” as of this past week.

I don’t like to be crass, but COME ON! The first scene in “Romeo & Juliet” is unbelievably packed with bawdy jokes and, of course, the immortal “bite my thumb at them” exchange. It’s such an amazingly vulgar hook for the kids that I always use it on the first day of reading.

Something I drew wrote five seconds before everyone came in on the day I teach blank verse. Let me just say, I am aware that if you parse out the first line, it’s one syllable long. Was I aware of it when I wrote it on the board? Heck no. I just kind of taught around it.

3 Responses to “chalkboard drawing photo post!”

  1. Why is the sword labeled? I mean, I guess it’s not bad that it’s labeled, it just makes me go… why is there a label for the sword?

    • Christopher Pearce Says:

      I have no idea why I labeled the sword. I suppose partly it was inspired one of my roommates back in Boston who once joked to me that, when in doubt as a cartoonist, draw an arrow to what your drawing and label it.

      It’s pretty clearly a sword though. I wish I had a better answer!

  2. I teach gifted students; when I taught middle school gifted in a pullout program, I fed them Shakespearean insults and put them on the bus crying these insults out to each other. And we wondered why the middle school hated us. 🙂

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