day sixty nine through seventy four.

…and to my great surprise, this brings us to the END of the first semester of classes. While there are only sixty-odd strips posted in the past five months, if you add in the strips I “held back” on my four-a-week schedule, you get something like 85 comics drawn in the past few months. Since a school year is 180 days, I’m just about to my halfway point.

I thought about doing one comic a day for all of our testing days, but quite honestly there just isn’t a lot going on.

So no comic tomorrow and next Monday begins Semester Two.

3 Responses to “day sixty nine through seventy four.”

  1. […] past school year! One of ‘em will be up on Monday to finish out last week’s batch, and then I have another “one comic covers a full week” strip similar to the comic I drew her…. That’s pretty much all she wrote for the 2009-2010 school year, and I think that sort of […]

  2. […] in firmly entrenched in Exam Week here at my high school. If you are interested in the process, I drew a comic last year which all but tells you exactly what …. Take a […]

  3. Christopher Pearce Says:

    Reblogged this on Teachable Moments and commented:

    An oldie from 2010, but everything about it still stands… except I don’t dress formally for exam week anymore. Tee shirt and jeans all the way.

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