more old teaching comics

More teaching comics from my journal in 2004/2005.

I know that this one seems bleak… but honestly, that first year of teaching is probably the toughest a teacher will EVER do. I felt constantly that I wasn’t measuring up, that I was failing my students. I know now that I was doing the best job I was able… and I finally have enough distance to be able to say openly that my former school had issues that went well beyond my being a good teacher.

This is me trying to implement a Teacher’s College Reading & Writing Project method. I will be generous and say that the TC method is something that I don’t find entirely useful if it is the SOLE source of classroom teaching and that I didn’t enjoy being handcuffed to it for most of my time teaching in Brooklyn. At the same time, I do use some TC stuff in my classroom even today, so there was some good.

I seem to have my scanner sorted out, so new comics this Monday!


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