not teaching comics: even more she-ra paintings!

In the interest of taking something mildly amusing and ramming it into the ground, here are a couple of more She-Ra paint-by-water illustrations, courtesy of my son. Today is pretty horse heavy… so if you’re into horses, Happy Horse Friday.

This is Swift Wind, She-Ra’s magical flying horse… her Battle Cat, if you will. There’s another painting in the book of She-Ra riding a giant goose and I really wanted Elliot to paint that one but he much preferred Swifty here.

I chose Arrow, faithful horse to She-Ra’s only male friend, Bow.

I’ve already painted Bow before and I’ve said pretty much all that can be said about him over here, but I guess I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention how painfully goofy he looks, jumping on his mighty steed.

Hey, this is probably a long shot, but I’m trying to locate a paint with water book for The Real Ghostbusters for Elliot. I don’t know that “teaching comics” and “people who collect and save old coloring books” are two interests that converge, but if anyone should happen to have that book lyin’ around, e-mail me!

One Response to “not teaching comics: even more she-ra paintings!”

  1. […] Often repositories for bad jokes, fan art, and the occasional nugget of news and information about your favorite toys, they were fun and I remember loving to get ‘em in the mail… which is why I was pretty pleased to find this He-Man and the Masters of the Universe magazine in a stack of books our neighbor gave to Elliot a few days ago. You may remember Elliot enjoying our neighbor’s last gift, a paint-by-water She-Ra: Princess of Power book that I scanned a couple of pages of around this time last year. […]

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