we’re news!

I don’t usually post this early on the weekends, but I just thought I’d let everyone know that The Middletown Journal did a really nice article about my classroom and this comic strip. Click over to read it if you have a moment!

Reading comics OK in this English classroom

I’d like to thank Marie Rossiter for taking the time out of a busy week to come in and see the kids at work. You would not have believed how excited they were about being profiled in the local paper!

2 Responses to “we’re news!”

  1. Chris K Says:

    Hey, I just noticed something – the front page of this site ( https://chrispearce.wordpress.com ) doesn’t have a “title” – it just shows up as “.” So when you do a google search for, say “teachable moments christopher pearce”, as someone might do after reading the article if they were interested in finding the comic, the first hit on google is:

    – 9:45am
    Posted in commentary, thrift store finds with tags george gatley, heathcliff, thrift store finds on April 3, 2010 by Christopher Pearce …
    chrispearce.wordpress.com/ – Cached”

    The . on the first line is the title of the front page – it might be helpful if it said “Teachable Moments” instead.

    Also, how bizarre is it that the only comment on the newspaper article right now is someone slamming your kids for sleeping in class, and talking about “sure, maybe he’s making them better readers, but I bet he’s not improving their test scores!” So strange; I remember when education was the goal, and test scores were just the means to measure it.

    • Christopher Pearce Says:

      Yeah, that’s a very good point. I really like the idea of having a banner for the comic, but I couldn’t figure out a way to do that. Now that we might actually be getting some traffic, I should change that. Thanks for the heads up.

      …as far as that comment goes, it seems like a lot of the articles about my high school posted online get dressed down like that. I tend to agree with you that I’d rather have my kids learning how to be life-long readers than have them score on a standardized test… but the test’s important too. It just doesn’t have direct bearing on what I’m doing with sustained silent reading.

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