the grand return of chalkboard photos!

Hey, look… new drawings. It’s been a while!

In my classes right now, we’re ramping up for the end of the year (something like 20 school days left!). I like to end the year with The Odyssey, as well as a bunch of other poems for National Poetry Month.

Anglophiles and fans of all things great will recognize my take on Wallace and Gromit here. I love W&G to an insane degree- when I was in high school, I devoted a significant amount of my senior year to animating a stop-motion claymation feature. It was torturously hard work! I also thought this was a good start for our week-long introduction to “The Odyssey” as Wallace is an archetypical “mad scientist/inventor” type character.

…this one’s probably self-explanatory.

Growing up, I was a big fan of Bill Amend’s FoxTrot. I had all the trades and I loved the way that it dealt with current geek/pop-culture trends in a timely fashion. When I finally learned how far in advance Amend had to work to make sure a week of “Star Wars” strips came out during the exact week that the Special Edition movies were released into theaters… it always impressed the heck out of me!

3 Responses to “the grand return of chalkboard photos!”

  1. Very cool. I love W&G too from way way back. Do you watch LOST? I have always thought it would be interesting to study archetypal characters in that television show. If you haven’t seen it, check it out, it’s amazing and being an Eng. teacher I think you’d find it extrememly fascinating. Lots of literary references.

    As always, love seeing your comics and drawings…

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