day one hundred fourteen

3 Responses to “day one hundred fourteen”

  1. I’d argue that fun is a substantial addition to any class, and all too often overlooked.

  2. amoebafinger Says:

    My friends & I still talk about our college professor from 1997 because he was so “crazy”. He told insane war stories and threw erasers while teaching us about filmmaking. And we all feel we learned the most from him.
    I went back and talked to that professor a few months ago. I mentioned the stories and how we all found him fascinating and he basically said, “If you’re bored, you don’t remember. If you’re terribly anxious, you don’t remember. But there’s a state of heightened awareness fueled by stimulation & interest that stamps the memory.”

    So, stamp away.

    • Christopher Pearce Says:

      That’s very true. My best memories of teachers are ones that pushed me out of my comfort zone or encouraged weirdness.

      I suppose I worry that sometimes I don’t back up enough of these fun lessons with enough solid teaching to make them worthwhile. Like… I want them to remember Homer, not just that they had a blindfold on. They probably will remember what I want, but still. It’s a worry.

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