day one hundred nineteen.

1. I’ve been pushing Carrie on many of my students. This will probably sound weird to a whole contingent of readers who do not work with kids, but most students have NEVER heard of the book before. Carrie has a great, creepy hook right at the beginning and I’ve had a lot of success with it.

2. The Hunger Games is a huge favorite of mine, personally. My wife and I discovered it on a car ride from Ohio to New York lasat smmer and we’reanxiously awaiting Mockingjay this August. I’m hoping that Collins has the wherewithal to simply let this be a trilogy. I’m going to become significantly less interested in Katnis if I have to follow her through umpteen sequels and prequels.

3. Again, anxiously awaiting the sixth Scott Pilgrim book this August. My August’s getting full up of book purchases!

4. I don’t really try to be funny with these comics, but I guess I was being funny here. Truth be told, I haven’t read t.t.y.l. myself. It could be AMAZING. I know students enjoy it and I try not to police their personal reading choices too harshly. It must be said though, I could never read one of Myracle’s books… but I suppose that is probably the point.

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