not teaching comics: lori & nick dean’s wedding

You’ll all have to wait an extra day to hear more about haikus. The family and I just got back from Western New York, where we went to the wedding of one of my friends from college. I decided to draw them an eight page mini-comic as a wedding present. I thought I’d post ’em up here over today and tomorrow.

They didn’t scan the best, but these comics were really fun to draw. It made me realize I’ve been drawing a LOT of desks and lockers over the past ten months. More tomorrow!

6 Responses to “not teaching comics: lori & nick dean’s wedding”

  1. Does it say Rex Manning in there?

    • Christopher Pearce Says:

      Yes, apparently some of my friends called Nick “Rex Manning” throughout college. I did not/was not aware of the nickname until bridesmaid Courtney alerted me to using it in that panel.

  2. I really like the shading in here… I’ve been experimenting making my own black and white drawings more interesting. It’s hard to do! I esp. like the squiggly lines on the door in the last panel. This is an awesome comic… is it a wedding present?

  3. haha, nevermind…. I just saw that this IS a wedding present. Well, great idea!

  4. […] done comics for friends of mine as gifts before (I did one for newlyweds Lori and Nick Dean here and here, if you’re […]

  5. […] Last week, I had about thirty or forty people stumble on the comic when looking for “Nick Dean, cartoonist.” That gave me a small chuckly; Nick and I went to college together and just last summer he married my friend Lori. I suppose people are finding the site based on this series of comics I drew them for their wedding l…. […]

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