sketchbook: elliot’s enemies

This isn’t going to turn into The Family Circus or anything but my oldest son Elliot has reached the age where he’s running around saying all sorts of awesome 2 year old-type things. Since I’m off for the summer, I’ve been drawing them into my sketchbook, and I’m going to share some of them this week.

Some context: I was giving Elliot a bath and he started talking to me about how he has no friends. “I have no friends,” he says… which is a total falsehood, EVERYBODY is friends with Elliot. From the kids at the park on through to the lady who works at the deli counter at the supermarket, he’s beloved by everyone.

I point this out to him and he says, solemn as I’ve ever seen him say anything:

I could NOT stop laughing. As though we have ninjas perched in the trees outside our house waiting to pounce on this little toddler!

After about a day, I figured out where Elliot picked up this strange point of view:

Batman: The Story of the Dark Knight by Ralph Consentino is a book I picked up for Elliot about a year ago. It’s a kid-friendly retelling of the origin of Batman and Elliot LOVES it.There’s a lot more design and love put into this book than there are in most mass market superhero kids books, and we’ve read it together about a million times since I bought it for him. I actually drew another comic about the book awhile back, when Elliot was just starting to broaden his vocabulary:

Anyhow, there’s a page toward the end of the book that begins “I have many enemies…” and then goes on to list some of Batman’s Rogues Gallery. That’s where Elliot picked up the phrase.

Mr. Consentino’s website can be found here and you should totally check it out. He’s just released a Superman storybook in the same vein and is working on a follow-up featuring Wonder Woman. Wonderful books for young people that introduce them to superheroes and comics very early.

5 Responses to “sketchbook: elliot’s enemies”

  1. That’s so adorable. x) I love random things kids say. It’s why Bill Cosby created Kids Say the Darnest Thing.

  2. Adorable is the word I’d use too. It’s great you have the talent to document it as you did.

  3. Chris, I LOVE Elliot’s comment. Keep drawing and sharing his little Elliotisms with us.

    Linda, being a woman of “a certain age,” I remember the original Kids Say the Darndest Things with Art Linkletter back in the 1960’s.

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