help my classroom out! give us $3 dollars!

Hello friends!
It’s that time again. It’s the time where I ask you, the faithful readers of this journal comic, to take a few minutes out of your day that could potentially help hundreds of my students. is giving out $3 dollar promotional codes for DonorsChoose, if you are willing to set as your default home page. It’s very easy to do and once it’s done, Bing will send you a gift card code, which you can then apply to one of my DonorsChoose projects!
Two Simple Steps
Step One: Click over to and follow the directions. It’s VERY easy!
Step Two: Once you have received your promotional code, click over to this project I currently have going that is less than $100 dollars away from being funded. It’s a whole bunch of new books for my classroom library. There’s a nice mix of stuff in there: graphic novels, horror stories, multi-ethnic literature, video game books, and high interest biographies. I think it’s one of the more varied projects I’ve put together and I know my students would get quite a lot of use out of these materials!
…and that’s it! Before you ask, you can change your homepage BACK to whatever it was before you helped me out right after you get the promotional code.
The project I’m looking to fund expires in 29 days. What that means is, if it is not funded by the end of that time, ALL the money already provided for the project is taken away from me and put to use in other places. Your donation will still help classrooms in America… just not necessarily my classroom.
Please take a minute out of your day to help my students out!

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