read the directions on all tests and exams

I wasn’t doing teacher comics regularly last year, but this is one that came up at the end of ’09 that I really liked.

I still like the general concept of the comic enough to repost it although I think I may have come at the concept from a different angle if I had done it this year instead of in 2009. All the “rude” talk sort of stings, even if in this particular case, the student was one of the more rude teenagers I’ve worked with since moving to Ohio.


7 Responses to “read the directions on all tests and exams”

  1. Sooooo very familiar. My student body gives me a lot of this, unfortunately, but it’s part of the territory.

    Love your blog! Thanks for your comment on my blog!

    • Christopher Pearce Says:

      No problem, I’ve been really enjoying your writing! I’d love to link your page, if that’s cool!

  2. I found your comic through Mindzai Comics and spent some time going through your archives. Great stuff, sir. You’ve gained a new reader.

  3. Love this one. Your commentary on the word bubbles is very funny.

  4. Ha! This is half my students, sir. Thank you.

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