pearce family holiday drawings: halloween 2010

Every Halloween and Christmas, I draw a family picture for the holiday for fun. I usually post them on all the various social networking sites. It’s not teaching comics, but I thought I’d share this year’s with you all:

Oh, but there’s more!
I’m not a real artist or anything, but here are the original pencils for the Ghostbuster Halloween drawing.
At first, I drew Ellen as Janine, the Ghostbusters’ secretary as she looked in the cartoon The Real Ghostbusters. Ellen and Janine both have red hair, and Janine has a fun design that I thought it would add some variety to the drawing. Ellen rightly pointed out that she’s not getting to do much in this comic and that was weak. I decided it would be better if she and I were BOTH Ghostbusters. I think the final drawing is much more fun in that respect.

3 Responses to “pearce family holiday drawings: halloween 2010”

  1. Tues/Oct 19/2010–Chris: I appreciated your appreciation of my husdband’s work. However, you are perpetuating several errors.
    He did not have any issues about “royalties”. Not regarding MAD’s hundred or more pocketbooks which contained MAD Magazine work
    OR his DON MARTIN pocketbooks (13) which contain his work and
    which he/I now own the copyrights. It would be nice if you corrected
    your comments. Don left MAD in order to own his art and writings.
    In other respects, the CRACKED deal (brokered by Jerry De Fuccio)
    was as good, if not better, than the one he left.Happy holidays,Norma

    • Christopher Pearce Says:

      Thank you for setting me straight, Mrs. Martin! I’m a huge fan of your husband’s work and I’ll post a “correction” post-haste.

  2. […] I do these drawings of my family for most of the major holidays (click here to see last year’s Christmas drawing and I really had a good time with this year’s Halloween illustration). […]

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