2010-2011 school year: day thirty

I really, really, really enjoyed drawing today’s comic. Fact.

ALSO A FACT: Newbery Award winning author Neil Gaiman tweeted about one of my DonorsChoose projects last night, causing it to be INSTANTLY funded!

I am ridiculously excited; I’ve been a fan of Neil’s since I was reading The Sandman in high school and for him to take a moment out of his day to give my classroom a hand is amazing. Thank you so much Mr. Gaiman!

Ironically, I have a comic coming up on Thursday where one of my students extolls the greatness that is Gaiman’s American Gods… so it’s weird how that worked out!

3 Responses to “2010-2011 school year: day thirty”

  1. i saw the neil gaiman reweet last night and got really excited for you. much more so when i saw you tweet how quickly the project got funded. congrats!

  2. […] This was was, I believe, posted somewhere around December of ’09. It resonated with a lot of people- I’ve gotten more e-mails about this strip than almost any of my others (although the one about my prejudice against vampire novels runs a close second as of this date). […]

  3. […] most familiar with Vess through his comic collaborations with writer (and friend of my classroom!) Neil Gaiman. The duo have had a storied working relationship covering a variety of projects, but […]

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