it gets better, part four

…and that’s it. I don’t know if these are good comics or not. I don’t know if I properly addressed the concerns I have or if I’ve just come off as lionizing myself. I’m collecting the first three comics behind this cut, if you’ve missed them or if you’re interested in readin’ them without scrolling back a week or so.

I’m not posting any teacher comics this week. I don’t have any saved up and I don’t want to crank out garbage comics… or at least, more garbage-y than usual.

3 Responses to “it gets better, part four”

  1. I think that’s something you really should be proud of. You helped a kid who really needed it, who wasn’t finding it anywhere else, and didn’t accept the prejudices that many would overlook.

    • Christopher Pearce Says:

      It’s funny you say it that way, as I got into a discussion on a LiveJournal post about the nature of teacher prejudice as it relates to students. I’m thinking I might go into that a little deeper somewhere down the line, but for now it kind of violates my “no other teachers in the comic” rule. Thanks man!

  2. […] I’ve become a fan of Knisley’s work in the past year, especially her contribution to Dan Savage’s It Gets Better campaign. It inspired me to write my own comic in response! […]

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