not teaching comics: some drawings for students

No comic today, but like any one of my students who comes to class unprepared. I have several good excuses.

1. I have been up for the past 24 hours tossin’ my cookies. It has been an… experience, to say the least. I actually started throwing up at school in the middle of the day yesterday. I felt so punk, I can remember distinctly thinking “I am going to die. I am going to die and they’re going to find my body slumped over the toilet in the teachers’ lounge and then I’ll become some kind of hoary school myth- The Teacher That Died on the Toilet.”

2. At this gift-giving time of the year, I like to do something special for my classes. I’m not a candy guy, nor am I a “free movie day” teacher… so I draw for my students. Kids ask me all year to draw them things and I turn them down every time besides the last day before First Semester Finals. Basically, I pass around a clipboard and ask the kids to choose something they’d like me to draw, with some limitations (I won’t do caricatures, I won’t do something that will take me an hour and a half to detail).

It’s usually a really fun day for the both the kids and myself. I don’t do a lot of drawings for people. It almost makes me feel like I’m a real cartoonist, taking requests at a comic book convention.

Here’s a bunch I drew for my fifth period. I believe this will get bigger if you click on it:

Anyhow, I’m all drawn out from doing an entire day of these.

3. It’s a snow day!

4 Responses to “not teaching comics: some drawings for students”

  1. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. those are awesome! i was going to list my favorites, but it ended up being almost half of them.

  3. NinevehRains Says:

    omg GIR!!!!!!!!!! *wants badly*

  4. […] If you’d like to see comics sooner than February 18th, you can use the link below to donate something to the cause. Anything helps, and as soon as I get enough to buy some new paper and pens, I’ll start drawing. I’ll even sweeten the deal: If you donate anything above $5 dollars, I’ll happily send you an enveloped sized original drawing. Your choice! Just include your mailing address and a note about what you’d like to get. As you can see, I can be pretty versatile. […]

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