odds and ends

We’re in firmly entrenched in Exam Week here at my high school. If you are interested in the process, I drew a comic last year which all but tells you exactly what the next four days of school are going to be like. Take a look.


I enjoyed this brief post over on NYC Educator about the effectiveness of hiring a tutor for your son or daughter. I’ve both been a tutor AND asked by parents about hiring a tutor for their child. My response to parents is usually, “What do you expect them to get out of the experience?” I’ve had students who probably did benefit from tutoring, but oftentimes you could replace a paid tutor with a watchful eye at home, making sure that Junior is doing his homework. I hate to generalize, but if you do that second thing? Your kid will probably get as much “bang for your buck” as paying a tutor to do the same thing.


I’ll remind everyone here that I have a NEW DonorsChoose project posted– I’m trying to get a bunch of new books not for my classroom library, but for our high school’s media center. If you’re interested in helping out but don’t have any funds to do so, please e-mail me at journalcomics at hotmail dot com. If you have five minutes, I have a unique way that you can help support my students.


Some end of the year indulgences:

Cartoonist Lucy Knisley is taking every Harry Potter novel and condensing it into one poster-sized comic/illustration. I don’t know what the legal department of Warner Brother/Scholastic would think about this project, but as a fan of Ms. Knisley’s work and Harry Potter, I am excited to get mine in the mail! I picked her take on Harry Potter and The Prisoner of Azkaban, both for how dense the illustration is and the color. Click over, check out all three posters currently up for sale, and wonder how on Earth the artist’s going to fit all of Deathly Hallows onto one page.

I also picked up a copy of Alex Robinson’s A Kidnapped Santa Claus for Elliot and Henry… although who are we kidding, I’m excited to read it myself. An adaptation of the L. Frank Baum story of the same name, Mr. Robinson was offering to sketch in any copies ordered direct from the author. I’ve been slowly putting together a nice collection of signed books for Elliot and Henry, and this one will make a fine addition. Alex Robinson’s website can be found here, with links pertaining to A Kidnapped Santa Claus and his other awesome comics.

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