sketchbook: some random stuff

Alright, so what do we have here?

1. For those not in the known, the guy on the far right is Cerebus the Aardvark, star of the long-running independent comic series authored by Dave Sim and Gerhard. I was a fan of Cerebus when I was a teenager, although I can now admit I’d read surprisingly little of the comic at the time. I borrowed a friend’s collection of Jaka’s Story and I attempted to jump on the series in the middle of the “Flight” story arc, to no joy.

I recently picked up a couple of the phonebook trades at Half Price Books and I’m looking forward to making my way through the series. I know it gets a little loopy and incomprehensible toward the end, but it’s still an impressive achievement in comics.

2. Moving clockwise, you’ll find my attempt at Peter and Alice Otterloop, stars of Richard Thompson’s EXCELLENT newspaper comic strip Cul de Sac. Cul de Sac is without a doubt, the best comic strip I’ve read in years and I highly recommend you stop looking at these incompetent doodles and click over to Thompson’s blog to sample the comic for yourself. I will also bookmark it to the left for future enjoyment.

3. A Superman-type guy.

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