the monster story

Based a little on the monsters from Where The Wild Things Are, the monster started as an alter-ego of mine when I was drawing a journal comic focused more on my personal life. As I switched focus, I’ve used the character less, although he’s popped up once or twice in the past year and a half.

Anyhow, I drew this sketch with me and the kids as monsters based on something Elliot likes to say when he’s running around wearing his “monster towel”

It reminded me of a short story I did a few years back, which I’ll post behind the cut.

One Response to “the monster story”

  1. […] I started drawing a lot of comics where the monster was a hapless, sometimes even fun protagonist. There was this extended run of strips I posted about a few years ago. Then there’s this comic I did after Elliot was born, where I detailed all of our nicknames […]

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