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What you see here is a rejected comic. I have a nice pile of rejected comics sitting in in the bookshelf next to my drawing table. Most of them don’t get past the pencil phase before I junk ’em and move on to greener pastures. This strip somehow made it past the sketch phase to the point where it was almost completely inked. I decided to scan it and make the thing something of an object lesson.

Ok, first things first: By the end of the comic, I’m afraid it seems like I’m slagging off Hannah Friedman and her book, which was absolutely NOT my intention in writing it. My intention was to address a question many people ask me about my classroom’s lending library, namely how I “vet” new books. Since I’m choosing the books myself, they’re not approved by the school and, in theory, I could get in trouble if a student ran across something they found inappropriate.

To that end, I usually work off of my own knowledge and common sense, take plenty of recommendations, and make sure to scan most new books quickly before they go in the library. If something raises a red flag, I put it on a shelf next to my desk and it becomes a “parental permission” book. A student can read it so long as Mom or Dad gives me the OK.

In the three years I’ve been teaching here, I’ve never had a parent say “No, my son/daughter CAN’T read that book!” Most often, they’re excited that their little one is showing interest in reading in the first place.

That process is what this comic SHOULD have been about, and I may still go back and do a strip on at some point.¬†Instead, it comes off overly judgmental of Ms. Friedman and her book… which is a shame because Everything Sucks IS an engaging, enjoyable read. I love having books in my library written by young authors, especially memoirs. I still have the book in my library (albeit in the bookshelf near my desk) and it’s been read often by students who receive permission.

Lots of other stuff wrong with this comic: lack of anything resembling backgrounds, the whole “record scratch” thing doesn’t come off well, it seems like I’m trying to pass the buck off to a colleague of mine in Panel One (although I still wonder why she recommended the book to me in light of some of the graphic stuff) and so on.

The comic kind of sucks… but now you’ve seen one of my TRULY sucky comics. Remember that the next time I post something you think is crap- there are usually rejected strips that are far, far worse!

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