chalkboard photo post #18

This was a very strange week. First of all, with the MLK Jr. weekend, we had Monday off… and I accidentally overslept on Tuesday. I didn’t miss any class, but I lost out on the prep time I enjoy before the school day officially begins, so I quickly threw this one together:

Then, on Wednesday… I thought it was Tuesday.

I was soon corrected, but forgot to take a revised picture.

Then, here’s Thursday’s picture:

…but of course, we were not in school on Thursday OR Friday, as Southeast Ohio was ravaged by a crazy snow system and school was cancelled. So yes, for those playing at home, I had a TWO DAY work week last week. Incidentally, I don’t expect any of my students to know what that last drawing is of; I had a student ask and when I explained who the Coneheads were, he said “What’s Saturday Night Live? I’ve never heard of it.” Broke my heart.

…and here’s a drawing I slapped on my door for two periods on Wednesday when I had to take my 10th grade students to the computer lab.

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