chalkboard photo post #19

Ok, a weird sort of thought process went into this past week’s chalkboard drawings. I left The Coneheads drawing up on Monday. The kids hadn’t seen it the week before due to our two snow days. I wasn’t exactly surprised at how many of them had no idea what I had drawn, but it did inspire me to draw some other characters they might also not have a clue about. To wit:

I was totally into Ed Grimley when I was a kid. There was the animated cartoon The Completely Mental Misadventures of Ed Grimley airing on NBC and Comedy Central was constantly airing the Dick Ebersol reruns of Saturday Night Live. Suffice to say, this one was lost on anyone born after 1996.

So then I’m thinking “Saturday Night Live” and I automatically think Wayne’s World. I was surprised that quite a few of my students saw and LOVED this drawing; I guess the movies have survived a bit past their time.

Then I was thinking of drawing Bill and Ted from Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, since I’ve always considered Wayne and Garth to be a pretty spot-on Bill and Ted rip-off… but I couldn’t remember how they look. Since I was already in the realm of time travel, I went with Doc Brown and Marty. Of course, the only way you can TELL it’s Doc Brown and Marty is my drawing of the flux capacitor, which says about as much on my drawing skills as needs to be said.

We ended the week on a risque note with Beavis and Butthead. Butthead is HARD to draw.

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  1. I guess the movies have survived a bit past their time.


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