chalkboard photo post #20

I decided to do a week of my favorite newspaper comic strip characters. I was curious to see if students would know who the characters were, since newspapers are relics to them now. Seriously, I hate to be a doomsayer but… there’s nothing to say. Newspapers are over for this generation.

And with that bit of sadness out of the way…

Usually I draw these from memory, but Gary Larson’s pretty hard to emulate. I had to look up a bunch of old Far Side comic strips for reference. For those super-fans playing at home, the cow is CLEARLY a rip-off from Larson’s infamous “Cow Tools” strip. Look it up if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

VERDICT: The kids had no idea what this was.

I think I did a Bill Amend/FoxTrot homage last year. I recently bought The Best of FoxTrot and found it to be a nice trip down memory lane. It’s pretty astonishing how much “current” geek culture Amend was able to do with the deadlines he had to deal with. I remember when Star Wars: The Special Edition came out, and he did a whole series of Star Wars-themed strips, that blew my mind.

VERDICT: A couple of kids knew FoxTrot. I’m guessing this has much to do with (a) FoxTrot still being in Sunday papers, and (b) Amend’s math-ier strips, which are posted all over every math teacher’s classroom.

…and then we had a snow day on Wednesday…

A hastily drawn Calvin & Hobbes.

VERDICT: Come back, Bill Watterson. You are still beloved by young people. EVERYBODY lost their cool over this drawing. If I had to guess, I would say this is because most of the C&H trades are kept in print at dirt-cheap prices. You can pick up a big collection of Calvin and Hobbes strips at Barnes & Noble for like $5 or $6 dollars, tops.

My students weren’t in the classroom on Friday- we were down in the school’s library picking classes for the ’11-’12 school year. As such, I put the date on the board but didn’t have a chance to draw anything. I probably would have gone with something Garfield related, if you’re curious.

One Response to “chalkboard photo post #20”

  1. NinevehRains Says:

    Ooh, I would like to see you draw Garfield and/or Odie!

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