OK folks… it’s Monday

I know you’re thinking “Where’s today’s comic?”

Well, there isn’t one, and there’s not likely to be one for a few days.

Let me preface this by saying while my teaching salary is fine, it doesn’t leave Ellen and I much breathing room when it comes to extra expenses. We made a decision very early on that we were going to sacrifice and live lean for a few years so that she could stay home with the boys… and that’s been absolutely the right choice. There are however, times when we’re hurting for money.

Mind, I don’t mean to say that we’re broke or anything… far from it! Creditors aren’t breathing down our necks and no one’s foreclosing on the homestead. Basic needs are covered. Extra things get put on the back burner whenever we hit lean times… and art supplies are filed under “extra things”.

This means that, at least until my next paycheck, I cannot afford any of my usual art supplies. No Bristol board, no new markers or ink, nothin’. So until February 18th, no new comics.

What’s my point in over sharing? It’s this:

If you’d like to see comics sooner than February 18th, you can use the link below to donate something to the cause. Anything helps, and as soon as I get enough to buy some new paper and pens, I’ll start drawing. I’ll even sweeten the deal: If you donate anything above $5 dollars, I’ll happily send you an enveloped sized original drawing. Your choice! Just include your mailing address and a note about what you’d like to get. I’m not a salesman, but that strikes me as an amazing deal.

Again, I apologize in advance if I sound like some kind of huckster. People have gotten on me for YEARS about producing some kind of print version of the comic. I’ve always avoided it, primarily because I don’t like coming off like some kind of shill, even if I’m shilling for myself.

2 Responses to “OK folks… it’s Monday”

  1. Hi Chris,
    I am an avid reader of your comic and absolutely love it. It reminds me of why I became a teacher, gives me ideas and makes me feel better about the things I complain about, knowing others go through the same stuff!
    I’d love to donate to help you out but I’m only substituting and but a poor teacher myself! (Still not sure if I’m going to make rent this month…!) But while you can’t pay bills with encouragement, I want to say how awesome it is that you take the time to do this and how much I love it. And when I DO have some extra cash, you can bet I’ll be grabbing a piece of art from you! (Though I am all the way in Australia…) (Not the underwater part or cyclone part or the bushfire part. I got lucky) (For the moment) Anyway! Thanks for everything you do and what an inspiration you are and I hope you get lots of donations! Sarah

  2. […] Anyone who ordered a drawing last week, I start doodling this weekend. If you’d still like one, it’s and envelope-sized sketch for $5 dollars, American. […]

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