thrift store finds: rejected finds!

There are times that I go thrift store shopping and I buy things I think will be fun to write about for a Saturday post here, only to get home and realize that there isn’t much I have to say about those purchases. They’ll usually end up going right back to the thrift store and I’m out a couple of quarters… but what the heck, let’s clean house with a couple of quick Rejected Thrift Store Finds.

Published in 1991, the Nintendo Adventure Books are a series of “Choose Your Own Adventure” style kid’s novels that featured Super Mario Brothers. Despite not being very good at video games, I was obsessed with Nintendo throughout most of the ’90’s. These books leapt off the shelves for me and I picked up both Leaping Lizards and Monster Mix-Up for fifty cents.

Although I gather from a quick Wikipeda scan that the Nintendo Adventure Books were released in the mass market, these particular versions were both “Pringles Special Edition” versions. You buy yourself two cans of Pringles Potato Crisps… you get a Mario book. Pringles struck me as a very strange product to be hawking paperbacks. I wonder: were these books shrinkwrapped to the cans? Seems strange to me.

Anyhow, both books have a pretty inventive “choose your own adventure” style beyond asking the reader make page-turning choices wherever they see fit. There’s also an elaborate scoring system that the book asks you to keep track of… and you have the ability to earn “power ups” as you read which can then be used for additional choices in the story later on. Now that I’m sitting down to write about them, they’re actually the most clever “choose your own adventure” style books I’ve ever seen…. but I also don’t have very much to say about them beyond that complement, so back to the store they go.

Elliot’s pretty into stickers right now. I like comic books. When I spyed DK’s Marvel: The Ultimate Sticker Collection at the St. Vincent De Paul store, I thought it might be worth a buck if there were a couple of stickers left in the book. Normally when something like this shows up on the kiddie book shelves, it’s pretty picked over. Coloring books are scribbled over, connect-the-dots books are connected, and activity books have already been… activated, I guess.

Imagine my surprise to find that EVERY sticker was still in this book! Every sticker except…

Except this ONE sticker of The Shi’ar.

Who are The Shi’ar, you say? Oh, you’ve never heard of the bird/mammal-like aliens that have a galactic empire and occasionally ally with The Uncanny X-Men? Yeah, neither has the other 98% of the population. SURELY there were better stickers to steal from this book than that one? I mean, there’s like eight Wolverine stickers on that one page alone! What an odd choice. I tip my hat to you, Weird Shi’Ar Sticker Burgler.

I probably could have gotten some mileage out of looking at all the various stickers, as a casual glance shows me some pretty weird ones beyond the Shi’ar (like there’s one where She-Hulk’s fighting a horse monster) as well as an eclectic collection of artists represented on these… but that’s a LOT of scanning just to be able to say “Oh hey, look… there’s a John Romita Spidey stucker, a Steve Ditko Spidey sticker, AND a Mark Bagley Spidey. Isn’t that weird!

Anyhow, seeing as all 259 other stickers are still in this book, I’m giving the book to Elliot and Henry and tellin’ them go crazy with it. If you need me, I’ll be peeling tiny Captain America stickers off our living room walls for the next two days.

3 Responses to “thrift store finds: rejected finds!”

  1. you’re assuming someone stole the shi’ar sticker. my theory is that the original owner of the book took it. he was a huge shi’ar fan and bought the whole book for that one sticker. once he used that one, he didn’t need the rest of the book and donated it to the thrift store.

  2. Some day I will be forced to come to Ohio again with my wife to visit her family, and when I do I will want a list of your thrift stores… I could pay my rent for a month off of some of the stuff you find there! Ebay is calling you towards your true destiny, Christopher… hear the call!

  3. […] It’s time once again for Thrift Store Rejects: Books I bought at my local thrift stores that are sorta-kinda interesting… but not interesting enough to rate an entire Thrift Store Finds post of their own. You can find the first rejects post here, if you are so inclined. […]

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