odds & ends: all comics related o&a this week!

I recently received a terrific present:

An original page of Raina Telgemeier artwork from The Babysitter’s Club: Mary Anne Saves the Day!

This was a big deal for a number of reasons. First and foremost, I’ve a tremendous fan of Ms. Telgemeier’s comics, ever since I read Smile. Smile was, by a country mile, the best graphic novel I read in 2010.

Secondly… I am poor as dirt, but it’s always been a small fantasy of mine to own the following things:

1. An original animation cel.

2. An original piece of art from a newspaper comic strip.

3. An original page of comic art.

I accomplished the first two in ’10 with the purchase of a cell from The Real Ghostbusters cartoon and this Archie comic strip I bought at the Cincinnati Comic Expo back in September... but I wasn’t really thinking I’d have the chance to own a page of any kind of comic art for awhile.

Happily I was wrong! Raina has an amazing deal over on her website where for $30 dollars (plus a little more for shipping), you can receive a random page of artwork from one of her four BSC adaptations. She’ll allow you to pick which of the four books you’d like a page from, but she picks the page. I’m planning on hanging my page (which features a scene between my favorite Babysitter, Mary Anne and Mimi, Claudia’s grandmother) in my classroom.

If you’re at all interested in owning your own page, click over here and check it out!


In sadder news, I was informed by a friend that The New York Daily News has dropped a full page of comics from its’ content. The Comics Reporter reports (duh) on the who and what.

I cannot stress how big a part of my life The Daily News and the comics therein were in my formative years.

In a world where I had four newspapers to choose from (aside from the News, there was the local rag, The New York Times, and The New York Post), The Daily News was always my go-to tabloid of choice, entirely for the funny pages.

I vividly remember my father taking great pains to point out the Calvin & Hobbes run where Calvin orders a beanie cap from the back of a cereal box, especially the strip where Hobbes describes his impression of the beanie, after weeks of anticipation, by saying “Adjectives fail me.” We had been studying adjectives at school, y’see… and I was already a huge C&H fan.

During the summer months, my FAVORITE thing to do was to ride my bike down to our town’s Stewart’s Shoppe and buy a copy of The Daily News and a roll of ShockTarts. When I would go to parades with the Boy Scout marching band, I wouldn’t step foot on the bus without buying a copy of the News. I read it to pieces… starting with the comics, doubling back and reading through the articles at the front, and finishing with David Bianculli in the Television section.

It saddens me to see that the News is dropping all these comics. It bums me out even further to see that most of the strips being kept on are legacy strips like Blondie and Gasoline Alley, which have blithely marched on for years past their original creators’ time on this planet. I can’t say any of the comics being dropped number among my favorites beside Curtis (which, for me, ¬†alternated between crashingly boring and batshit insane during Kwanzaa).

Still… a small part of my childhood, gone forever!


Lastly, I wanted to point you all to Three Word Phrase. I love the awkward randomness of the strips. I love the oftentimes hilarious phrasing that goes into some of the very best gags (I would buy a “My home also has problems” tee shirt). I love the timing on the most recent strip- “I’m a doctor” is such a funny, solid landing to that goofy comic.

Ryan Pequin is awesome and you should bookmark the heck out of that strip. I’ve linked it above and to the right for ease of discovery.

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  1. I love Raina Telgemeier work as well. When her first volume of BSC came out she offered pages up for sale at a really good rate and I snatched up a splash page from it.

    a small picture of it is here:

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