chalkboard photo post #24

Although this is emphatically just a hobby for me, I have to admit… I get a little uptight about taking any self-imposed hiatus from posting. I’m not sure why this is, except that I’ve always prided myself a little on my ability to keep a schedule. “You may not like the comic,” I’ll think to myself, “but you can’t argue that I’m consistent.”

…but it was a good thing I took the week off, because damn. Stressful week. Next week my 10th grade students are taking the Ohio Graduation Test, which is stressful for them but sort of an easy five days for me. I spend the morning proctoring and the school runs on a two-hour delay schedule for the rest of the week. Meaning I see most of my classes for about 20 minutes before the bell rings and sends them off to their next 20 minute class.

All that’s just the long way around saying I’m back to posting comics and stuff… and thanks for being patient with me. This week’s chalkboard drawings (last week’s, now that I think about it) are behind the cut.

We’ve talked about He-Man before. I loved him as a kid, and I find the property fascinating now. Who decided on a pageboy haircut for the most powerful man in the universe?


Thing I learned on March 2nd: Theodore Geisel preferred “Seuss” to be pronounced in such a way that it rhymed with “voice.” One of my students told me that!

…and by the way: Yes, that is a pillow.

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