old teaching comics!

Yes, it’s time once again to dip back into the almost decade worth of journal comics I’ve drawn and show off some ancient, badly drawn (or, more badly drawn than now, I guess) comics about teaching! All of these are from my substitute teaching days, back in 2003-2004.

I loved this moment for a few reasons. Firstly… Nickelodeon had started airing Full House in the afternoons, when most of the middle school/elementary school kids were just getting home from school. This meant there was a whole generation of kids who were familiar with TGIF-level comedy. Incidentally, this strip can be read as either a compliment or an insult, depending on how you feel about Dave Coulier.

Even though this happened at a middle school, the same thing happens in high school. A lot of young people either see you as YOUNG (all capital letters) or OLD. If you’re OLD, you’re just old. Age is just a number, after all. For the record, I would have been like twenty three when I drew this comic.

Ok, one more:

I still remember that young lady, almost a decade after the fact. She had such a great, vibrant personality.

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