2010-2011 school year: day ninety six

My last day of doing these “Things that bug me about teaching” comics.

Most of these are little nitpicks, the kind that I’ve edged around before. I may have done a week about my teacher pet peeves, but I want to stress, MOST of the things that grate on me about my job have absolutely nothing to do with the actual teaching part of teaching. Anything where I’m working in front of a classroom with students is golden. The rest? Well…

I have wanted to say something about teacher gossip in the comic for awhile, but I took that option off the table fairly early in the strip when I decided not to write any other teachers or faculty into the comic strip. I am fairly certain idle speculation and rumor spreading is a factor in ANY office situation. People like to complain, people like to speculate, often negatively about their job and whatnot.

It’s just something I really loathe, although I’m aware that simply by acknowledging the gossip in this comic, I’m feeding right back into what I find annoying.

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