sketchbook: a panel i’m working on

As I mentioned a few days ago, I am actively working on comic strips for next year… even though classes haven’t started and I have yet to meet any of my students. I’m toying with the idea of including some of my fellow teachers in the comic next year. Using staff in the strip is something I’ve avoided (save for rare cases) for a simple reason: I can think of no way to protect the anonymity of my co-workers. With my students, I bend over backwards to obfuscate individual kids’ identities… to say nothing of the tremendous backlog of stories and incidents I have to draw on from years in the past. With teachers… it’s “Here they are, this is who I work with.”

I’m taking the summer to work up a handful of strips to act as a test run that I’ll show to the teachers in question and hopefully get their blessing. The sketch above is my figuring out the logistics of one panel in a strip I’m working on. It’s quick, it’s dynamic, and by the time I get finished with it, I am sure I will hammered it into absolute blandness.


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