students draw me, part six

The Assignment: As a fun “bonus question” on their final exam, students were asked to draw a picture of yours truly. I’m taking Sundays throughout the summer to share these unique works of art with all of you. 

I love this one because it makes me look like an extra on Gossip Girl. Also, the artist gets bonus points for intimating how hard I worked them throughout the year!

I should probably change the name of the comic to “Sorry…. I tried.” In all seriousness, a super cute drawing! It looks kind of like she drew me as a Minimate, which you all know I love.

I have always wondered what I’d look like as an Asian!

Again, a lot of the kids were apologetic about their drawings. I wish I had told them something I tell everyone who asks me about my comics- I unreservedly LOVE looking at the drawings of non-professional artists. They’re oftentimes just as interesting to me as something from a well-trained artist.

I have to mention: the student who drew this had the BEST taste in music.


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