the final “students draw me” post of the summer

Howdy howdy! It’s been a few weeks, but with the onset of the 2011-2012 school year, this blog’s getting ready to come back to life! I’ll begin posting new teaching comics the Tuesday after Labor Day, which is (as I understand it) the first day many students and educators head back to their classrooms. I’ve been back to school for two weeks already, but… southwestern Ohio, man. What are ya gonna do?

Anyhow, I wanted to post a couple more of these awesome drawings of me before we get back into the swing of the school year and I take up Sundays with chalkboard drawings.

This is true: I am often confused.

I love the initiative this student took, giving me the full range of Pearce emotions. I also never realized that when you flip my signature nose upside down, it looks like a witch nose!

At this point, you might have asked yourself, “Did he get any truly unflattering pictures?” Well yes I did, and here it is- I believe this student did not perform very strongly on our final exam and perhaps s/he was lashing out at me a bit.

I’d kill for cheekbones like that!

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