chalkboard photo posts: homecoming spirit week!

Yes, it’s that time of year. Homecoming is upon us and the five days leading up to Homecoming are awash in fun ways for students to show their spirit. For the most part, it’s an excuse for the kids to dress up in costumes and skip out on homework but it’s all in good fun. Here’s the run down. Monday was Twin Day:

Fun for the kids I’m sure, but I didn’t do anything special.

Tuesday was Pink Day, in honor of Breast Cancer awareness. I wore a pink shirt I (SURPRISE!!!!!!) found in a thrift store.

Wednesday was Disney Day and I wore a teeshirt I got on our vacation this summer, as well as a lanyard full of pins Ellen collected while we were down there.

Thursday was Superhero Day and I did what I’ve done for the past few years- wore my big, clunky Batman outfit I bought on closeout a week after Halloween for $7 dollars. I have gotten more use out of that Batman outfit than some of my actual clothes, thanks to the yearly Superhero Spirit Day.

…and on Friday, I wasn’t in my room. My classes were held in the computer lab. It was Middie Spirit day though, which meant we all wore purple. Instead of a chalkboard drawing, please enjoy this graffiti I found on one of the walls of the school’s hallway.

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