2011-2012 school year: smarter, not bored.

I don’t know if this is a strong finish to this week of comics. I wanted to end on a positive note. Having a tool like this in my classroom IS a very positive thing and I’m so grateful to both the school and the folks who donated the Eno board for the opportunity. In truth, I have been able to figure out a couple of really cool things to do with the board. I like the way I can write notes on it and then save them for the next day’s class.

I do wish I could get some formal training. Right now, I just feel like I’m flying blind. I’m sure I’ll start to figure out all the angles soon. Hell… even if I didn’t, it’s still dead-useful to do things like give PowerPoint presentations and show DVDs. I just worry I’m not going to be using the thing to its’ utmost.


One Response to “2011-2012 school year: smarter, not bored.”

  1. Heather Stafford Says:

    Check out Smart Exchange. It has loads of great lesson plans and tutorials to teach you all the bells and whistles of your new SmartBoard 🙂 I think you will do fine…keep up the great comics; they brighten my day, as well as, the all other teachers’ day in my building.

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