2011-2012 school year: talk talk

I got my mind on Muppets and Muppets on my mind with the new movie coming out in a few days… clearly there’s a little inspiration in this quick strip.

I’ve been looking forward to taking Elliot to see a new Muppet movie ever since I heard one was being made. I have a really fond memory of going to see The Muppets Take Manhattan with my aunt when I was about Elliot’s age. Hopefully it’s good!


4 Responses to “2011-2012 school year: talk talk”

  1. Hasn’t got a single bad review yet. I have high hopes!

    • Christopher Pearce Says:

      Well, Frank Oz seemed to have some grumpy things to say about it… but I can’t help but think it’s sour grapes. My hopes are sky high as well!

      • Yeah, Oz’s comments definitely sounded like sour grapes, especially when it was mentioned that his screen play was passed over for this one. His complaints didn’t sound very valid either… like the fart shoes? Fozzie has always had eye rolling-ly bad jokes, that fits perfectly with his character. And the idea that the Muppets always get along is just ridiculous.

      • Christopher Pearce Says:

        To a small extent, I kinda-sorta get Oz’s problem with that joke… at least, from what I’ve seen of it. Hearing a Muppet say “fart” is sort of strange to me. That being said, despite their vaudeville leanings, the Muppets have always had a more modern bent. What was once taboo is now de rigor and I don’t think Fozzie calling them “fart shoes” is at all out of line with the sense of humor of children in 2011.

        Presumably, Oz was part of the group that made the decision to keep the Muppets going after Henson’s death. Given that choice, I wish he’d try to be OK with seeing them handed off to new people.

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