sketchbook: rappin’ and teachin’

A sketchbook page from a professional development we had a few weeks ago where, among many useful concepts, was presented the idea that teachers should engage students on their level. To wit, this clip from the movie The Ron Clark Story was shown:

This trope gets raked up ALL the time- Judd Apatow made fun of it in “Funny People” and I can count on two hands the number of times I’ve seen it used straight-faced in sitcoms. Ron Clark is a stellar educator and I understand this method works like crazy for him BUT… it was SUCH a weird comparison to make.  In the same way I would never advise some random teacher who doesn’t have my background to use comic books in their classroom, I would never want to be asked to rap during my lessons.

I’m not going to rap in my classroom. Period.

One Response to “sketchbook: rappin’ and teachin’”

  1. I couldn’t agree more. The idiots who see something work for one person and assume it will work for everyone are the same ones who often talk of “differentiated education.” People are different, their talents differ, and it’s incredible in this day and age that the “experts” have no conception whatsoever of teacher voice. It’s like you enjoy one book and decide every writer must use that very same style forever no matter what.

    Of course next year these same people will have some new thing that’s the only thing that can possibly work, and tell us last year’s idea was utter nonsense.

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