chalkboard drawings: the “rudolph” edition

All this week’s drawings are derived from the Rankin/Bass Christmas classic Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. We bought Elliot and Henry a DVD of Rudolph this year and I was surprised to find while watching it with them how prickly the show is. Santa Claus is a total jerk!

Sadly, I have to wonder about Rudolph’s longevity. I would say less than a third of my students recognized any of these characters, save for Friday’s, which is pretty obvious.

Yukon Cornelius got the nod two days in a row, as I had to take a sick day after I had oral surgery on Monday, which totally sucked. I did manage to make chalkboard lemonade out of those lemons, with my Rudolph theme:

Y’see what I did there?


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