our trip to disney world in comic form

As some of you may remember, my family took a trip to Disney World this past summer. “How,” you may ask, “did you afford such an extravagant vacation, Chris? Aren’t you a public school teacher?”

Yes, you have a good memory my friend. Our going on this vacation was entirely the result of my awesome parents, who decided they wanted to take their grandkids to the House of Mouse for a week of fun.

If your memory is THAT sharp, you may also remember that while I was posting journal comics about my family over the summer, I eschewed any strips about the trip. At the time I put it off to laziness. In actuality, I had decided I wanted to condense our trip into one, big mosaic comic I would gift my parents this Christmas.

Seeing as yesterday was Christmas, I thought I’d share:

I was working MUCH bigger than usual with this comic, which was a lot of fun. Most of my comics are done on 8.5 x 11 inch Bristol, the easier to accommodate my chintzy scanner. Here, I was working with 11 x 14 inch paper.

This was also a challenge in that I didn’t want to make any mistakes. I’ve become pretty lazy with the teaching strips lately, making inking errors and messing stuff up. It’s so easy to fix in Photoshop! Since this will live behind glass at my parents’ house for a long time, I needed to make sure there weren’t any really huge noticeable errors. I think I did OK on this score

Behind the cut, I took some closer pictures of my favorite panels.

2 Responses to “our trip to disney world in comic form”

  1. Such a wonderful talent, and such an amazing gift for your children, as you document their childhood in comics!

  2. Actually, Disney World need not be that pricey. If you’re willing to drive there it’s a lot cheaper. Truck stops regularly feature books of discounted hotels you can call and stay, and you can find very reasonably priced ones in Orlando too. If you’re willing to drive just a few miles, you can do well. The biggest expense is the Disney tickets. There are a lot of beautiful beaches within hours of Orlando, if you check it out.

    There’s an unofficial guide to Disney World that will offer you instructions on how to maximize your time there, offering you specific tours so as to not waste your energy walking around aimlessly. It’s well worth the purchase.

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