thrift store finds: another round of rejects!

Let’s end the year with some rejected Thrift Store Finds. These are things I picked up at our local St. Vincent de Paul store which, for whatever reason, I couldn’t figure out a way to dedicate a whole entry to ’em.

The Nightmares on Elm Street is a novelization based on the first three Freddy Krueger movies, written by Jeffrey Cooper. It was published in 1987 by St. Martin’s Press, a slightly more upscale publisher than what usually handles these quickie novelizations. I don’t know if there were originally novelizations written for the first two Nightmare films, but this one seems to have been published to cash in on the third flick, Dream Warriors.

Reasons I Wanted to Write About It: Well, I love Freddy Krueger. The idea of squishing three movies’ worth of story into one book seemed (forgive the pun) novel, and the book is well-known amongst big fans of the series as presenting a MUCH different take on Dream Warriors than did the movie. This is once again by virtue of the novelization being based on an earlier draft of the script than the one which was filmed. The book also presents an extra chapter detailing Freddy’s origin.

Reasons This Became A Reject: Novelizations take a LONG time to read and review and I’m somewhat dubious about the results. At least when I review/present a comic find, there’s a visual element to be appreciated. I still like this book a lot and of the three things I’m showing you today, this is the one I most regret not using.

 Masters of the Universe: The Revenge of Skeletor is a book/record combo published in 1983 by Kid Stuff. It’s a sixteen page storybook featuring He-Man fighting his skeletal nemesis. Play the record and hear the story read to you!

Reasons I Wanted To Write About It: I have a huge amount of nostalgia for The Masters of the Universe property- I was legitimately obsessed with the toys when I was growing up. I’ve written about He-Man and company before.

Reasons It Became A Reject: Firstly, I don’t have a record player anymore; mine broke when I moved to Ohio. Since I couldn’t listen to the record, I felt like I’d be leaving some key part of the “review” out if I chose to do it. Also, I have some He-Man storybook content coming in the next few weeks. If I wrote about this thing, I felt like I’d be repeating myself.

The MAD Holiday Survival Guide, published by MAD Books, a division of E.C. Publications, a Warner Bros Entertainment Company. WHEW!

Reasons I Wanted To Write About It: Well, it’s a Christmas book. It’s a MAD Magazine book. I figured this was a slam dunk! Also, this book was published in 2004 and is clearly a progeny of those MAD paperbacks I’ve spent so much time writing about here.

Reasons It Became A Reject: I bought it over the summer and forgot about it. Now that we’re about to go into January, I know I won’t be waiting 12 months to write about it again.

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  1. […] and marketed to kids. You may remember I previously looked at the Halloween series of YA novels and the Nightmare on Elm Street novelization. I find so weird these books are explicitly marketed to young people- of course they’d be […]

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