the time i met bob saget

…and here’s the photographic evidence. It will illustrate once and for all why I so rarely attempt likenesses:


One Response to “the time i met bob saget”

  1. I’ve done this before! I went to cover an anime convention for the website I write for (I went in cosplay — I had dyed my hair blonde for the look because I was too cheap to buy a wig. Looked good for the character, though), and when I was in the autograph line for some voice actors I had noticed how they all spelled my name right. I commented on it, and one of the actresses sheepishly looked at me and said, “Well, it’s on your namebadge.” I looked down at my badge, did a facepalm, and said, “I’m dying my hair back to brown as soon as the convention is over…”

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