sketchbook: tiny people

I drew The Jeep because Elliot has been really into Popeye lately. I showed him a bunch of the old black and white cartoons last year and he’s always asking to watch them. I found these two toys at a comic show a few weeks ago

and I was wondering if the toy company who made these ever did a Jeep. Turns out, they did! They also did an Alice the Goon, which is awesome.

I saw the Tintin movie last week, so he was on my mind. I thought the movie was… weird. The John Williams score was awesome and that five minute tracking shot/chase scene at the end of the flick was jaw-dropping. I found I wasn’t able to get past the stylized  faces.

…and then I just drew a bunch of tiny people. Most of them are about as big as my pinky fingernail, to give you some perspective.


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