chalkboard drawings: the “catches thieves just like flies” edition

It’s an all Spider-Man villain theme week!

Venom is a weird character in that his presence in the Spider-Man rogues gallery and your fondness for him really depend on when you were reading Spider-Man comic books. For people of my generation, he’s probably thought of as THE Spider-Man villain. For anyone reading before or after the mid 1980’s to late 1990’s, they could care less for him. Also, this should have been WEDNESDAY. We had Monday off this week. My bad.

…where as The Green Goblin, if you think of him as the BIG Spidey villian, you were probably reading the book in the 1960’s and 1970’s. GG was barely in the Spider-Man comics when I was a young reader. I only really knew about him through flashbacks and collected trades. Hobgoblin, the GG knockoff, made more appearances during my childhood. Heck, Demogoblin, a knockoff of Hobgoblin made more appearances!

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