2011-2012 school year: amicable solutions

I hope over the next semester, readers will start to notice the same students appearing in the comic over and over again. For example, two of these three appeared in this comic last week. I teach something like 160 students every day. I always felt it was disingenuous to add too many recurring student characters here. I did it a few times to varying success, but I wanted to give the feeling of there being tons and tons of kids… and just me. I’m sure that did not come across and I’m happier focusing on the 15 or so recurring students you’ll see throughout the next four months.

Most of these ethical dilemmas came via The Book of Questions, that classic repository for debate and commentary. I used to use it ALL the time in college to stir up conversations with people in the dorms.

2 Responses to “2011-2012 school year: amicable solutions”

  1. Are these recurring students representative of actual students?

    • Christopher Pearce Says:

      …not really, although with these strips, I’m taking more from my current classroom experience than I usually do.

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