odds and ends

Got a cool delivery in the mail yesterday afternoon:

A whole bunch of awesome art supplies for a comic project I’m gearing up for with my current and former students! I wanted to test the pens and markers, so I doodled this:

I don’t normally work with markers and I don’t really planning on doing so again, but I like they way they came out! I’m sure my students’ll dig them.


So hey, it’s my birthday today. I’m 31.

If you want to do something nice for my birthday, do what Garry Trudeau says: Kick a couple of bucks my classroom’s way. In fact… this comic book project is less than $300 dollars away from being funded. Don’t forget to use the checkout code “Zonker” and… jeez, I’d only need $150 dollars pledged! I have at least two millionaires who are regular readers, right?

Also, check out this interesting result of the above comic strip.

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